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  • prefers the acquisition of a language in a natural way, in context by respecting a client's pace and interest. 

  • emphasizes communication and the development of communication skills (the communicative approach).

  • lets the client speak most of the time. Even from the very first lesson we speak Czech (yes, don't be surprised, you will see that it is possible). If necessary, or in the case of a grammar explanation or misunderstanding, we are able to speak in English or French.

  • does not follow one general programme for all clients. The lessons are prepared according to the needs and goals of each client.

  • enjoys being spontaneous and responding to the mood of a lesson. The mood of the lesson is very important to Czech at KaFe, but especially to the client. 

  • always does its best to make lessons enjoyable, interactive, and focused on the practical use of language.

  • holds the view that we learn the most if we enjoy what we do.

  • pays attention to emotions and tries to make clients comfortable and confident in speaking. 

  • from Czech at KaFe´s point of view – learning a language is not a subject at school - it is not just about completing exercises. That's boring (for you and also for Czech at KaFe). 

  • On the contrary, it's a way to reach people, the bridge to a new world in which we get to know new people and new cultures. We learn from each other. And most importantly, we have fun and encourage each other on our way to our goal.

Czech at KaFe Teaching Style


Online Czech Lessons

  • teaching online since November 2013, so we know how to do it! 

  • a certificate of online learning  (E-learning, Social media and web platforms in LWUL teaching + KA2 training, ITC International TEFL certificate s.r.o)

  • February 2019: online language trainer for the British EdTech company Learnlight, based in London.


  • Czech at KaFe always uses a video call service (Skype, Hangouts, Zoom – it depends on a client) + as an interactive whiteboard we use a shared document (Google Docs). A tutor and client can write in the document simultaneously.

  • After the lesson, the document remains in an email (of a client or a tutor) or can be printed. We can get back to this lesson when we need (a revision of new words).

  • After each lesson, the client gets a list of new words from the lesson + feedback from the tutor

*in case the client does not have experience with the mentioned programs (video call, document), everything will be explained and shown in a trial lesson. 

Online lessons

Individual lessons

  • Before the very first lesson, Czech at KaFe lets the client share her/ his ideas and needs. After mutual discussion, we set language goals together to meet your expectations along with our professional opinion. 

  • Czech at KaFe 

    • compiles the program of lessons based on the client's learning objectives and needs

    • covers topics that the client is interested in

    • focuses on the client's individual weaknesses and develops strengths

    • aims to meet the client's expectations

    • is flexible in terms of accommodating the current wishes / needs of the client in the program of the lesson

Group class

Czech at KaFe 

  • always creates groups based on a similar language level of learners

  • makes sure to give equal attention to each learner

  • seeks consensus of all learners in terms of topics and programs of lessons

  • takes advantage of group lessons to give learners an interaction with more people than just a tutor

  • lets learners share their experiences and learn from each other

  • is open to the dynamics of groups that bring more diversity, discussions and opinions 

  • supports learning in a team with mutual collaboration


Exam preparation lesson

Exam preparation lessons are led by me (tutor Kamila). I have helped more than a hundred applicants pass the exam and acted as the examiner for hundreds of applicants for an exam. 


I draw on my own experience of being an examiner on the committee for the Czech exam.

Lesson includes:

  • feedback on your current level compared to the required level for the exam 

  • familiarizing  applicants with the format of the exam

  • program of lessons based on the content of the exam

  • practice for all parts of the exam  - reading, listening, writing, and speaking


In addition (yet still included in the price of the lesson) 

  • providing my own materials based on test requirements + model test

  • learning strategies for passing the exam from the point of view of an examiner and an experienced tutor

  • tips and experience from my successful clients

  • language coaching - schedule of a teaching plan, practicing dealing with negative emotions during the exam (stress, nervousness)


In-company class

We can provide language teaching for your company according to the needs of your employees

Czech at KaFe

  • determines the initial proficiency level of your employees

  • regularly monitors the progress of clients 

  • compiles a language program to fulfill the language needs of the client

  • sets language goals

  • organizes thematic lessons/workshops focused on the integration of foreign employees into the Czech environment (Czech traditions, a practical life in the Czech Republic)

  • prepares your employees for language exams (for obtaining a permanent residence permit or granting Czech citizenship)

  In case of interest, contact us and we will agree on the conditions of cooperation.


Proofreading of all types of Czech texts:

curriculum vitae, thesis, essays, bachelor's and master's theses, books, articles, information and promotional materials, texts for websites, and more.

spelling / grammar / stylistic  proofreading   


Master's degree in Czech Philology

  • excellent knowledge of Czech language, its spelling system and style

  • professionalism and accountability throughout the field



(*NS = standard page= 1 800 marks on page including spaces)


Before starting the proofreading, I will always send you information on how many standard pages your text contains and what the final price will be.

in company


Individual classes

  45 minutes 

    650 Kč/1 lesson 

5 600 Kč/10 lessons 

60 minutes

800 Kč/1 lesson

7 000 Kč/10 lessons 

Group classes

60 minutes

2 learners 550 Kč /learner

    3 learners 450 Kč/learner

Preparatory course 
for the A2 Exam


60 minutes

800 Kč/lessons


60 minutes

2 learners  580 Kč/learner

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