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Czech for foreigners - online classes

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Hi, I'm Kamila, 

your new Czech tutor

My goal is to pass on to my clients not only my knowledge, but also my enthusiasm for language and especially its active use. Let us help you finally speak Czech. 

What Can I Do For You?

There is no single formula suited for everyone, so choose the service that works best for you

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Teaching online since November 2013, so we know how to do it! 

From our own experience, yet also on the basis of the success of our clients in language exams, we can confirm that online lessons are as effective as personal ones.

One-on-one lessons are best for a personalized approach. Before the very first lesson, Czech at KaFe lets the client share her/ his ideas and needs. After a mutual discussion, we set language goals together to meet your expectations along with our professional opinion. 

A group lesson is always created based on a similar language level of learners. We support learning in a team with mutual collaboration.

Exam preparation lessons are led by me (tutor Kamila)

I have helped more than a hundred applicants pass the exam and acted as the examiner for hundreds of applicants for an exam. 

We can provide language teaching for your company according to the needs of your employees.

Proofreading of all types of Czech texts: curriculum vitae, thesis, essays, bachelor's and master's theses, books, articles, information and promotional materials, texts for websites, and more.

What my students say about me


Let's Take Your Czech language skill to the next level

Kamila was of great help to me. I can tell I passed the B1 exam thanks to her.

I took intensive preparatory lessons for the B1 exam with Kamila. The content of the lessons was based on the form of an exam. The big advantage was the opportunity tofamiliarize with the format of the exam and get practice before the exam itself. Thanks to regular conversations, I improved a lot in expressing myself and I expanded my vocabulary. Correcting and explaining my written texts helped me get better in the most difficult part of the exam for me - writing. 

(preparatory lesson for B1 exam, Adéla, China) 

I couldn’t believe how much I had improved my Czech level and I couldn’t believe I was speaking Czech.

Kamila is a really nice teacher. When I started to have Czech lessons with her everything changed. She motivated me a lot. Furthermore, her methods are brilliant and she’s so flexible. I had lessons with Kamila for 5 months and Thank you very much for making it easier and for helping me a lot with the language.

Online client, Spain

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Kamila is a fantastic professional teacher. I am excited to learn more with her unique style of teaching.

When I came to the Czech Republic, people told me the best way to learn Czech is to go to a bar or a restaurant, you will learn much quicker and easier. And she is that kind of teacher who teaches you with the practical exam and with a real czech background. And believe me it helps to remember things. She is a fantastic teacher and very friendly. One should attend her classes. Her teaching style is really helpful. This really helped me with daily activities.

thematic lesson, India

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