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What is Czech at KaFe?

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Hi, I'm Kamila. This is my story

I was never good at languages. I was afraid of making mistakes. Not being able to apply my theoretical knowledge to practice made me frustrated. I do not believe, as they say, that „knowing a foreign language is a matter of talent“. I will be honest: it's hard work, it takes a lot of effort and time, and it’s a question of approach and learning techniques.

Until my last year of university, I did not have any idea that one day I would make my living by using foreign languages. I wanted to be a writer. I have always loved writing and reading since childhood.  My view of languages changed when I fell in love with a foreigner (Australian). The second language from the subject at school suddenly became a communication tool. Speaking a second language was like discovering another world, its inhabitants, and its culture.

My love for people led me to a love for languages that lasts to this day when English and French are already an integral part of my work and personal life. Languages are my passion: to teach as well as to learn. I am also interested in language in terms of science: Psycholinguistic, Neurolinguistic, and multilingualism. My goal is to pass on to my clients not only my knowledge but also my enthusiasm for language and especially its active use.


Let us help you finally speak Czech!

My career path

  • master´s degree in Czech Philology (Czech language and Literature) at the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University in Brno

  • Since November 2012, an independent and professional tutor of Czech for foreigners who live in the Czech Republic or abroad. 

  • experience with individual, group and In-Company courses of various language levels (A0-C1) of almost all nationalities.

  • 2012-2014: member of the committee at Czech exam A1 Level for Permanent Residency.

  • February 2013: an In-Company tutor of 12 courses in long-term cooperation (classify students, monitor their long-term progress, set a lesson program and organize thematic lessons). 

  • November 2013: my first online lesson with a student living outside the Czech Republic (Turkey). This form of teaching across continents interested me to such an extent that I decided to continue my education in this area.

  • a certificate of online learning (E-learning, Social media and web platforms in LWUL teaching + KA2 training, ITC International TEFL certificate s.r.o)

  • September 2018: a tutor and a language coach at the American language organization Global LT, based in Michigan. 

  • February 2019: online language trainer for the British EdTech company Learnlight, based in London.

  • 2018: build my brand: Czech at KaFe 

  • April 2020: hired my first employee and founded a small language studio called Czech at KaFe




My tutor: Tereza Netíková 

"Learning languages has always been my passion. I study Czech and French at university, currently I learn Portugese there, too. I’m an experienced teacher of not only Czech for foreigners, but also French and English. I love traveling, meeting locals and sharing their culture and traditions."

Kamila's words about her:

Since the very first contact with Tereza I already felt she was "my person". The interview just confirmed to me she was a great asset to my language studio. Why? She has all that Czech at KaFe aims to offer to its clients: to lead the client through the grammatical part on the basis of expertise in the Czech language, to be supportive and empathetic - Tereza has an astounding experience in languages and knows from personal experience what it is like to live abroad.

 She is a fast learner. It makes me happy to mentor her and at the same time to learn from and with her. To work with Tereza is very inspiring and enriching. She pushes Czech at Kafe further and further.

Kamila was of great help to me. I can tell I passed the B1 exam thanks to her.

I took intensive preparatory lessons for the B1 exam with Kamila. The content of the lessons was based on the form of an exam. The big advantage was the opportunity tofamiliarize with the format of the exam and get practice before the exam itself. Thanks to regular conversations, I improved a lot in expressing myself and I expanded my vocabulary. Correcting and explaining my written texts helped me get better in the most difficult part of the exam for me - writing. 

 (preparatory lesson for B1 exam, Adéla, China) 

Let’s Start Working Together!

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